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Search & Selection

IK Consult have managed over 70 pitches covering all aspects of marketing communications in MENA, Europe and India


Getting the right agency

IK Consult offers expert advice on choosing the right agency. We pride ourselves on leveraging our experience and expertise to offer impartial advice focussed on creating better value and better results. 


Agency Selection

In November 2005 IK Consult signed an exclusive affiliation agreement with Agency Assessments International (AAI) covering the Middle East and North Africa region. AAI is one of the most experienced and respected consultancies in Europe in the field of Agency Search & Selection, with over 30 years of experience. In MENA alone, over 70 pitches have been managed by IK Consult covering all fields of marketing communications.

IK Consult follows updated best practice in the pitch process to select the right agency.

Agency Evaluation and Remuneration

IK Consult offers informed and expert evaluation

We carefully monitor whether the scope of work is clearly defined and evaluate whether resources are at the optimum level i.e. no overstaffing or under- staffing. We evaluate whether contracts and terms of business suitably equitable to your business.

Client/Agency Relationships

IK Consult strongly believes that every client agency relationship can be improved. We draw on our expertise to optimize relationships and maximize the potential of the brand.

Agency Operational Efficiency

IK Consult is focused on getting results in terms of agency operational efficiency. We drive to build on the agency's premium factors and highlight the need for best practice in every discipline. In addition, we analyse whether the agency is responding well to changing client needs and evolving industry structure


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